Monday, August 22, 2011

Tomorrow Will be Better

I couldn't stand high school. 8 hours in the same spot getting lectured about stuff you did not care about. Exactly like today's orientation. All information a mentor or supervisor could and will still have to show me how to do. However I got to enjoy sitting through about 8 different presentations. The presenters seemed about as interested as I. Not to be completely sarcastic I did get to learn some important information. My parents can lease a vehicle, siblings cannot. However everyone, including parents, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, and in-laws can enjoy the purchase program from Toyota Motor Sales. I however have to wait till my driving record gets cleaner till I can lease, haha. No big deal I'm waiting and saving to purchase the FT-86.

The day finally got exciting at 4:45 when I got to meet my new powertrain family. I was given my cubicle (Japanese companies like to have an open floor, all workers, managers included, share the same floor space and all have the same size cubicle). I'm on the end, by an aisle. It seems as if the managers are more towards the wall. I also learned that the title 'specialist' as in powertrian engineering specialist just means entry level. Tomorrow seems to be my real starting date. However it still seems odd. I don't have actual duties. I was given a schedule by HR for some optional intro courses. Judging by today's presentations I feel I will learn way more by staying at my desk tomorrow. I also want to get to know my co-workers and managers more. 

Speaking of co-workers I was really glad to see familiar faces. At my in-face interview I saw two other recruits. Both of whom I saw today. Tony, a logistics member of the TEMA team, and Jeremy. I remember seeing Jeremy right before my interview. I asked him "oh hey, what are you interviewing for?"

"Powertrain Engineering Specialist", Jeremy replies. 

...Awkward silence and end of conversation.


However, It was completely different this morning when I saw him walk in late and I had an extra seat next to me. I pulled it out for him and said sincerely "Glad to see you again". We laughed about about our awkward conversation the day of our interview. Jeremy is part of the axle group and I'm part of the instrumentation group. Our desks are right next to each other. He and I had a great conversation about FSAE at lunch and another TEMA member, Sean, joined in. However Sean is working in St. Louis.

I found an apartment. Its a beautiful 1br loft in Newport. The only problem is that it is not near too many other houses or apartment complexes.  I took a walk down the street its on, Monmouth, it wasn't bad but it really wasn't populated. Its in an apartment building above a Pilates place and  is on the 4th floor. It has a great view of downtown Cincy but through very small windows.The apartment itself is gorgeous, really freaking sweet. But the area Isn't the best. 

I would love to find a place further west in Newport where there are some really beautiful houses and streets. But my time is short and this one place is really really nice. The thing that is really deterring me from accepting it right away is that I may not see very many people (girls) on Monmouth street. 


  1. more girls = more problems... haha just enjoy your new stage of life for a while!

  2. Girls take Pilates on the weekends

  3. Glad to know you're dead set on a Scion! In all seriousness....keep up with it, mang. I'll keep reading.

  4. I saw a toe hook crew member today. and I'm not dead set on a scion, I may not get very good pricing on it.