Monday, December 5, 2011

Update after Thanksgiving

 Since the last time I updated the blog I've been home twice, visited Nashville, planned a surf trip to Nicaragua, now ride a motorcycle, and have been traveling to TMMWV (Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia) on a weekly basis.

I've been training on the job at TMMWV, working on the assembly line, machining line, dyno benches, precision measurement room. I've completed less than a quarter of my overall training plan.

Overall I'm very happy with the job, but it's still a job. I absolutely look forward to the weekends. At the same time I don't dread Monday's.

Recently I got a new camera in preparation for traveling. I've been planning on getting one and turning this blog into a more visual experience. Now I can share pictures of my apartment and the City. Which brings up another new part of my life.

I'm moving in a week or two to a new place 5 minutes from downtown in a very safe area and cheaper rent than I currently pay. Right now I live in the suburbs and It's been killing me. I'm only home (Cincinnati) for about three days a week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I'm so sick of the 30 minute commute to downtown to enjoy the city. Not only is my new apartment closer to downtown but it is the same distance as my current house for commuting to TEMA, the Erlanger office in Cincy, with less traffic. It also has an outstanding view and right next to a park. I forgot to mention my rent will be cheaper than what I'm paying now. I'll get a picture update soon enough (you'll be lucky if its in another 2 months).

For now since this is the internet I figured I would share pictures of Cats 

Before Thanksgiving I went to Nashville with a couple of co-workers just to travel and check out a different city. Only a 4 hour drive and basically a free place to stay. The night before I left I used to research what to check out. Within 30 minutes of research I figured out enough places to go check out to fill up an entire week. Friday night we ended up going downtown on Broadway and checking out 2nd ave.
Saturday we went to Vanderbilt University just to walk around. Not much to see. Engineering building looked like a military fort, the hospital was massive, and the fraternity/sorority row had all original houses (not like the gingerbreads at UMD)
Reddit suggested we check out Jack Whites record label. Which was decent to walk in and check out. It was a small 8x8 room filled with stuff for sale. Took about 5 minutes.
Right down the road was a local brewery, Yazoo. Had a great tour of the brewery and had plenty of good beer, I ended up getting 2 jugs to bring home.
After that we all had to relieve ourselves so we went to a classy restroom. It was alright. I'm assuming it's so highly rated due to the history and the originality of the bathroom.
Then we cleaned ourselves up and headed to get a nice steak, go to a concert, and go back out downtown.
On the way back to Cincinnati we stopped by the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Tourist Lights
Skyline: Batman Building
Twin Turbo and C5-R