Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Be safe going over there"

I hit the road yesterday around 11:30 and took two pit stops. One to get lunch the other to fill up. Cost of trip: $105 for gas, $8 for lunch, $5 for energy drink and beef jerky, and 8 hours and 15 minutes. The estimated time of the trip from bing maps was 8 hours and 4 minutes, I made up for some time between Columbus and Cincinnati where the geographical features lacked and the roads flattened. I was happy to see more and more hills as I approached Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

It was odd passing WVU and realizing this is now the furthest I have ever driven from Baltimore.

I decided the first thing on my agenda was to get dinner at Skyline Chili. I also wanted to check out downtown Cincy so I got off I-71 right next to the riverside and stadiums. Park the Jeep, hop out and start walking the block and a half to Skyline. As I walk a group of kids walk past me and I over hear them say to another, "Yo, would you rather be tased or shot?". Then right behind them are another group of kids walking in the same direction as the first, the opposite of my direction. Right as I'm about to cross the street to get to Skyline a pair of girls tell me, "Be safe going over there, they was shootin". "What!", "Yeah, they was shootin' in the square". I guess that's how they welcome guests in Cincy, letting them know where they was just shootin.

I join the rest of the kids and turn around and walk in the the same direction as them. Get back to my car and head to Northern Kentucky, hopefully where there will be less gunfights. I did end up going to Skyline, which is actually more of a Northern Kentucky establishment than a Cincinnati original. They named it Skyline because it overlooked the Cincinnati skyline from the hills of NKY (source: Skyline's menu). I had to get the 3-way. Spaghetti, chili, and a load of cheese that was bigger than the chili and spaghetti combine. The chili was awesome, but I didn't like the noodles. They were too mushy. Next time I'm going to get their chili dogs.

I noticed the kitchen staff (they have an open kitchen) and servers do have major accents. When I got my tab it said "MD". I guess she noticed my Terps shirt and my accent.

After Skyline I figured I go check in at my hotel. Then I went to Meijer's for some groceries and to pick up a razor. I finally have to shave everyday, for the rest of my life. Another first.

On today's agenda: get some business casual shoes, find an apartment (I'm going to a showing at 6pm), look up concealment laws.

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