Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"This is Kentucky"

"This is Kentucky", Anthony, a coworker joked as he banged his E30 engine with a hammer. "We don't need an engine stand". 

Me and the co-op, Bobby, stopped by Anthony's house to check out the two rooms he is renting as well as help him pull out his inline 6 cylinder from his E30 BMW that he runs in the Spec E30 series. He is preparing for nationals coming up in a couple of weeks. 

It turns out Bobby is actually staying in the same hotel as me. He's only here for a month but should be returning in January. He's part of the IE team with me and we just received our assignments. We will be heading to West Virginia on Thursday with our lead/mentor Jason. 

Today was pretty slow at work. Both Jeremy (new hire part of the axle team) and I don't have our laptops which makes working pretty difficult. However, the highlights of the day was taking a tour of the 24 hours of LeMons shop with Anthony, and getting a quick shake down from our boss, Jack. 

24 Hours of LeMons is a series where the teams are limited to a $500 dollar vehicle (less the safety equipment, including race seats, and full roll cage). 

Anyway a little house keeping is in order. I have to make a decision on which place to live. I currently have 3 places offered. 

1. Monmouth st. In Newport. The location is the worst of the 3 but the place is by far the nicest. I would have my own apartment with brand new kitchen and bathroom. Huge closet, recessed lighting, restored hardwood floors, new paint. Amazing view of downtown Cincy. But its kinda in a sketchier side of the city. However it is right above a pilates studio (Babes). 750 a month. 

2. In the heart of Mainstrasse, Covington. This is in the perfect location...for nightlife. Its literally a connecting rod's throw from the bars. Its also on the road that holds all the festivals. Last weekend there was a car show there. I'd have offstreet/garage parking (only one with garage parking). I'd also have a very easy commute. However the house itself is not that nice. The exterior is nice but the inside, kitchen and bath are old and have a couple years use in them. Its 800 a month. But I would try and rent out the top room for 250-300. As well as split the utilities. 

3. Anthony has a house in Florence. About a 15-25 minute drive to Covington, Newport, and downtown Cincy. I'd rent his basement, which includes a room, bathroom, and living area for 600 with utilities included (cable, internet....). Its a really sweet deal. Cause its a beautiful house in a suburban neighborhood. The garage is used for projects only. 

By the way, Kentucky is a really beautiful state. I mean simply gorgeous. It maybe pretty redneck and have some trashy sides of it but these hills are outstanding. The skyline of downtown Cincy is astonishing. Coming from any direction, north or south, you get to see the skyscrappers pop up as you converge down into the valley from the rolling hills. The bridges crossing the Ohio River set a very majestic tone and all the historic houses in Northern Kentucky have intricate molding and bold colors on the exterior. More pomp and circumstance than I'm used to in Baltimore. Yet the people roaming the streets are characters and a half. I guess this is Kentucky.

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