Thursday, August 18, 2011

T-minus 36 Hours, Nerves and Thank-Yous

I know three people in Erlanger, Kentucky, Jeff, Carlos, and Jackie. All of whom I have only met for 3 hours during an interview. In less than 36 hours I will begin my 8 hour trek to a new state and a new career. I have never lived outside of Maryland, and it has never been a goal of mine to pursue a life away from Maryland. Yet I don't mind moving away. I'm happy and excited to test the metaphorically glassy waters of northern Kentucky. More importantly I'm ecstatic to start a new career with Toyota, a dream come true.

As I sit in my bed next to my beloved kittey, Nillie, I can't help but reminisce and think of things sentimental. I've tried my best to allocate time to those closest to me in the last month that I've been home in Severna Park. Happy wine hours with my parents,sprinting across the burning sands of Ocean City carrying my naked nieces while bystanders stare in horror, parading my nephew around as he tightly grasps my pointer fingers, raft ups with my brother, and on-call babysitting for my sister. Times I will cherish. Dewey beach trips with my friends, late night viewings of Transformers. Assateague Island swells, the bungalow. 4602 Calvert Road, I bet Rob would still be eating those burritos if any were left from the blizzard. Times I will cherish. I also want to say thank you to those that have been close to me, to my family and my friends. You all mean so much to me.

I'd like to continue my divergence into thanking those that have inspired me to purse my passion for automobiles which has led me to Kentucky (As I feel more sentimental while I continually indulge in my father's landsharks). If I would have never stolen my brother's Car&Driver, Motortrend, and Dupont Registry magazines I would have never, ever, had such a passion. Thank you, Eric. Yes, I read them while taking long poops. The best birthday present I have ever received was when I took apart my throttlebody and you spent your Friday night putting it back together after I got frustrated, and left. I'd also like to thank my father, that 993 911 was the purist mechanical being I have ever touched the throttle of (As I edit this, I wonder what my Mom thinks of me for finishing a sentence with a preposition, is that legal?). You also were always there to help me with my projects, willing to give a helping hand, or purchase a new tool. You are the best Dad. I love you.

To Ant. Let 'em hear it. Your projects have always inspired me. Your turbo 'Teg took so much balls. I love the fact you have a more expensive suspension setup than in your powertrain on your 240. Your truly have automotive style. Ram-Rod-Racing. To Ray Wilson for teaching me more than I ever thought possible in a single summer. The amount of resources you provided for me during my Turbo build was astonishing. I owe you. To Darryl. Thank you for getting me into FSAE, as well as taking the time out to drive me when my car got towed from Presidential Towers. I would have been lost at UMD without you. To Terps Racing. The Best FSAE team in the world.

To my sister, Diane. I love when you ask "can I ask you for a favor". You have always kept me inline and in-fashion, and I miss when you destroyed the dinner table with your humor. I love you. And of course my Mom! Kicks cancers ass and kicks my ass! Thanks for sponsoring me through college and too much else to list. I really really owe you. And I really really love you.

In order to re-converge. I want to state the purpose of this blog. I want to keep those that care updated. As well as document this experience through words and photos. But at this moment I just want to thank everyone for any contribution you have made in my life, no matter how small or how large. It has meant everything to me. I will continue to update this blog with random updates of: my activities, job information, hot babes, and other gnarly activities. Party on Bro's and Babes. Come visit and read my blog for updates. I gotta get some sleep, big day tomorrow, and then traveling out to KY on Saturday.

I pray for the health of my father and mother. As well as the well being of the rest of my family: Eric, Kim, Cole 'Dude' Michael, Diane, Jason, Lily 'Dancin' Anna, Elle 'Pac', Katy "BPKC" and friends. These are the times I will cherish.


  1. Love that you will be doing this blog... and I expect updates :) I will keep you accountable for that ;) We will all miss you and can skype with you and our girlies!

    P.S. Can you come over and watch all three again just for the sake of sheer laughter to see your face one more time!?!?!!!!!

  2. Love you too Greg....

    I may come visit you sometime if I get sent down there!!! Make those Camrys shine!