Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steel Cage

On the last leg of my first trip to Huntsville, Al. Currently finishing off my free coffee and wifi, while I wait for my late-waking coworker to grab some breakfast. I decided to update my blog. I'll try not to get sentimental but it doesn't help when I used domino sugar to sweeten up this crappy coffee. How bout dem O's.

For my first overnight stay in Al there are a couple of things I have found out. This accent is way different than any other accent. I've gotten used to the Eastern Kentucky and WV twang and it threw me off when I heard another style of twang. Its like bango compared to steel guitar. It's all still country.  And the other thing I found out is that I can't get away from car enthusiasts.

Both nights out to dinner I found myself eating over conversations about cars. Specifically late model BMW's and some imports. I lost interest in joining in on these chats. Yes its awesome to come together over a common bound of cars. But sometimes these conversations can debunk from the typical penis measuring competitions to the horrible level of high-school-girls-field-hockey-lunch-table gossip. Who knows who, my friends car has (insert outrageous big block, turbo size, or HP number), or the "can you believe they didn't even do their own transmission swap!", "OMG!"

Maybe it's just cause I haven't had a my own project in over two years and I'm bitter.

But to be honest I don't have any interest in throwing away twenty thousand dollars in order to be able to be on the scene. I will respect those that do. I will always snap my neck to check out a tow-hook crew member (which I saw the other day on the highway in Cincy; another aside: look at that amazing finish on that front bumper and quarter panel, mmm spacy), I will respect the person that tracks their toy two or more times a year. I will respect the at home garage fabricator. And I will absolutely respect the kid that only has 10 open ended wrenches, a mismatched socket set, and an Allen key set that is missing a 5mm, no impact gun, and still manages.

I will not respect talk. For a lack of better cliche. Talk is cheap. People talk about cars and projects all the time. Myself included. I'll ramble on about how I want to resto-mod a 240/260/270z (Under her skirt), grab a B5 S4 Avant and upgrade to the RS turbos, or redo another IS so that the exhaust doesn't drag on the ground and leave the crash bar in. But there are a limited few that actually do. This is why both nights at dinner I kept mostly quite. I had nothing to talk about. I haven't tinkered on my own car since I changed my oil last month.

However I've decided I need to get back into something. I need my own project; something I can do whatever I want to and call it my own. But I don't have the time, money, or space to deal with all that mass of a caged vehicle. That's why I'm going to eliminate two of the wheels. I've decided to get an Ironhead. While the riding season is coming to a close the winter will give me plenty of time to get my temperamental machine dialed in a bobbed out (when I find one for the right price).

I'm thinking of possibly going hardtail. Definitely going with drag bars, and flat black. Limited amount of chrome, but tons of originality. Not going to throw the front fork out too far. I don't want all that caster on the front tire. I'm not gonna go outrageous on this build. I want something rough around the edges and not too flashy. Something that will turn a head or two but not one that will gather a crowd. Most importantly I want something that I enjoy riding.

P.S. The Scion FR-S concept at Frankfurt looks amazing, I can't wait for this to come out.

Edit: I just saw this picture and my dad would love it. Revision Drawings


  1. I adamantly oppose your proposed project! I think you should take language classes instead. BTW, dad laughed at the Revision drawing -'where do you find such things?