Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boredom Update

In one week I start my training at the West Virgina factory. I'll be shadowing the engine assembly line for one week, then shadowing the machining line for one week, and finally spend two weeks in the quality control area. I'll be working in the dyno test benches, doing engine tear downs, and working in the precision measurement lab while in QC. Like I said before an IE facilitates the tools and processes necessary to perform QC tests. Therefore I'll spend the majority of my time in QC.

I'm anxious to get on with this training. It will allow me to grasp how the factory really works, and will give me an opportunity to find ways to kaizen. I'm sure it will get old quickly. But the worse part will be living in the town of Buffalo West Virginia for the week. I'll be traveling back to Cincy every weekend but the weekdays will blow.

Well I really don't have much else to say. I have plenty of time right now, which is unusually right now. So I figured I'd give an update.

The Cincinnati sinus issues finally got to me. Started getting sick and grabbed some Allegra and knock-off Musinex at Walgreens. Feeling pretty good right now. Tomorrow I finish up my 2 day fundamental training. Its a great review from FSAE and PFS.

Kinda upset that I haven't found time to go to Wakenation Cincinnati, its getting a little too cold to go now.

Welp Cya.

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